Polypropylene vehicle bodies are manufactured from polypropylene sheets, with all components cut using modern computer controlled routing machines, handmade and welded together using the latest plastic welding equipment. Pickup Systems are able to design and manufacture the most complex and functional bespoke bodies for your vehicle. We are one of the leading plastic body specialists and have supplied customers across the world with cost effective solutions. Vehicle bodies fabricated in polypropylene material offer several advantages over traditional body building methods including;


  • Lighter construction allowing increased payload and fuel savings.

  • Freedom from rust, corrosion, cracking, chipping or peeling.

  • Zero maintenance.

  • Long operational life.

  • Excellent impact and chemical resistance.

  • 100% recyclable  at end-of-life.

  • Easy cleaning and disinfection.

  • Leak-proof construction.

  • Electrical insulating properties.

  • Good sound insulation.




Pickup Systems also provide GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) service vehicle bodies to suit your individual needs around the world. 
A key reason for using GRP service bodies is that they are corrosion resistant - it is a material that can properly handle a particular service environment, while in other cases, their resistance to corrosion gets combined with its costing making GRP a solution that is economically viable. Another very distinct advantage of glass-reinforced plastic is found in its low weight to potency ratio. Its inherent light weight is advantageous when it comes to mounting equipment. High strength plays a vital role when it comes to designing man load bearing structures and GRP fulfills this need. The high strength properties of GRP allow for less material to be used than other more traditional structural materials thus lowering cost and weight. One of the major advantages of glass reinforced plastic is the fact that it is very affordable. GRP will often: provide a more economic solution allowing construction companies to complete jobs on budget, therefore glass reinforced plastic will act as a satisfactory solution to the corrosion problems and come at a very affordable cost.



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