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"Contemporary. Designed to its best. Flawlessly executed."


At Pickup Systems, we specialize in designing and fabricating bespoke vehicles and bodies that work for your business. As a leading plastic-bodied conversion specialist, we provide cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide. Our customer-driven approach allows us to make our clients' needs a reality, no matter how unique. We understand the distinct needs of different vehicles and provide high levels of quality and workmanship in all our vehicle conversions. Trust us to design every aspect of your conversion with precision.

At Pickup Systems, we take pride in providing top-notch quality and innovative techniques to maximize the available space in vehicles. Our conversions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of fire and rescue fleets, mountain rescue, and specialist support vehicles. We design and manufacture vehicles that incorporate hydraulic lifting systems, racking, storage, and auxiliary electrical systems. Our passion for conversions and continuous development allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

Toyota Hilux Fire Truck


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